Huntley Headlines


2011 Internship

by Nora Allen, FOHH Intern

I can’t believe my 11 weeks are over! It has been so much fun and such a good learning experience for me. Before coming to work with Carolyn Gamble at Huntley Meadows Park on Historic Huntley, my work experience had been archaeology-related or for one of my classes as a historic preservation major. I spent my time this summer working on a docent guide and a children’s coloring book guide, going to construction meetings, and photographing the construction up at the house. I also attended interpretive sign meetings and opening meetings with Carolyn Gamble.

It was very rewarding to have the chance to learn about site interpretation and restoration, and to be able to apply my photography skills and knowledge of architecture in the real world. Through these weeks, I have developed quite a love affair with the mysteries of Historic Huntley! It has been a pleasure meeting you all and I cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to work for Carolyn Gamble, Karen Lindquist, and all

the staff at Huntley Meadows Park. Now that the summer is over, I am off to my last year of college at the University of Mary Washington. I am currently applying to graduate schools and looking for jobs!

Many, many thanks for funding my internship this summer. It was the best internship experience I have had and I fully expect to come back and visit once Historic Huntley is open!