Friends of Historic Huntley is a non-profit citizen group committed to working with the Fairfax County Park Authority to assure the preservation, restoration and appropriate use of Historic Huntley and to enhance the public’s knowledge of the site and the broader historic development of the neighborhood.

Friends of Historic Huntley began in 1990, shortly after Fairfax County purchased the property. Although the house was mothballed and locked behind a chain-link fence for more than twenty years, Friends of Historic Huntley worked to educate the public about this architectural gem and encourage the Fairfax County Park Authority to move forward with restoration. The group also serves as the liaison between Huntley’s neighbors and the Fairfax County Park Authority to ensure meaningful communication about plans for Historic Huntley and activities on the site.

The organization conducted twice-yearly Open Houses, printed a newsletter, researched the property and residents, and

developed special exhibits and lectures on the history of the property and grounds. Board members served on the Fairfax County Park Authority committee that wrote the General Management Plan and later the Comprehensive Development Plan for the park. Friends of Historic Huntley was the first Fairfax County citizen group to serve in this capacity.

In 2012, the restoration of the Mason-era buildings was complete and the property opened to the public. That fall the Fairfax County Park Authority honored Friends of Historic Huntley with the 2012 Elly Doyle Park Service Award for two decades of service in support of Historic Huntley.

Friends of Historic Huntley continues to help keep Historic Huntley in the news, attract volunteers as docents and researchers, raise funds to ensure the staffing at the site, provide for summer interns, and urge the Fairfax County Park Authority to maintain the buildings and continue restoration of the site to further enhance the visitor experience.

You can join Friends of Historic Huntley by clicking here and filling out the membership form.